lykke li

isn't she gorgeous?!

lykke li sings "little bit" to CRACKERFARM in Bermuda!!!!!
she's soooo rad!!!
her style is amazing

michael lee

he has more style than anyone i know.

i want these.

thank you molly for finding the love of my life.


if i have a wedding day, i'm going to strive to be much happier than that hot hot hot chic. just sayin

katie miller

is a real good photographer.
she's got real good eyes.

....get it.....

fucking get one. it's sooooo good.
come on! it's so so so good.

amanda king

i made a new friend last week. her name is amanda.
she's a beautiful girl.
i was on her facebook and found some old photos of her.
i love these photos.
so cool